Smartphones are basically a new class of mobile phones where there is a cumulation of various different functions other than just for telecommunication. There are more than a billion people who use smartphones and more than million apps to cater them. Many users appreciate this new technological reform for more than just simple communication services. It has made a huge impact on businesses, education, health, social and so on.The current generation cannot live without their smartphones. Smartphones are essentially small computers that perform communication functions but with the use of several other gadgets it can make the smartphone leading in the market. Here are 10 gadgets that make your smartphone even smarter.

  1. Touch Control Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Just like the name suggests, this is a unique gadget that makes people’s lives even easier. It has a comfortable fit for any ear. It comes in a charging box where the automatically power on. The best part of this device is that it is waterproof for a shallow swim, rinse clean and sweat. 

  1. VR Glasses

VR Glasses

The smartphone should be placed on a virtual reality headset. The VR content is viewed on the screen of the smartphone. This device is innovative and enjoyable and gives us realistic experiences.

  1. OTG Adapters

This device helps a USB drive to connect with the smartphone. This is very useful as people do not need to carry around their laptops to read data from the USB drive. It can be used anywhere at any time.

  1. Karaoke Mic

For music lovers this is a gadget of their dreams. This microphone syncs with the smartphone via Bluetooth and enables to play and record music.

  1. Lockitron


Its gadget helps users to open their door and also provides notifications when someone is knocking at the door. This gadget proves to be very useful when one’s hands are full. There is no more fumbling when there is Lockitron.

  1. DryCase smart phone case

People who love water activities can use this gadget to save from any malfunctions. Its waterproof and keeps the phone completely dry underwater. 

  1. Screen Magnifier

This gadget helps people from straining eyes and arms on the phone while watching videos. This enhances the view and gives a big screen experience.

  1. Shower Curtain Liner

This is a gadget that has pockets with assorted sizes that keeps smartphones or devices intact. It is waterproof and it universally fits in all shower curtains.

  1. Solar Charger

Solar Charger

Uses the solar panels to charge smartphones. Its an economical way to charge smartphones.

  1. Hone

This gadget helps people to find their keys. All that needs to be done is tie the Hone device on the keys and click find key on the smartphone. The device then lights up and proceeds to emit a sound that indicates the position of the missing key. It is one of the most smart gadgets that technology has come up with.


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